How to book our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?



To book our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service first you will have to familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions for this service. You can find these above!


If you are happy to proceed with your booking please make sure you are able to provide all information listed below:


  • Preferable day and time for the service to take place

  • E-mail where you can receive the confirmation for your appointment

  • Mobile number as contact in case of enquiry

  • Name and Surname for your invoice after the service

  • Preferable way of payment


Description of the property as follows:

  • Full address and post code

  • Type (house or flat)

  • Size (how many bedrooms)

  • Is there any furniture in the property

  • Total number of bathrooms/toilets/shower rooms


For better results you may also consider adding any of the following services to your booking:

  • Balcony Cleaning - £25

  • External Window Cleaning - from £25 to £50

  • Curtains & Blinds Cleaning - £6 per item

  • Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning - prices vary


With this information in hand, you can contact us and discuss your request with one of our advisers. You can do that using one of the following options:



After we receive your request along with all relevant information we will first check our availability and then e-mail you a confirmation for your appointment, including starting day and time and total price for the service.

What to do after your service has been booked?


In order to proceed with your booking we will need:


1. To understand the condition of your property better. Please forward actual photos of the property and areas that need attention, including a short description of any specific conditions. Please send us most recent photos, and not links to any websites, which may include professional photos of the property.

2. To make sure the property has been prepared for the service.


Please remove any:

  • personal belongings and items;

  • food, drinks, leftovers etc. from the fridge/freezer (please keep in mind that these appliances must be properly defrosted prior to service commencing);

  • clothes from the wardrobes;

  • cutlery, crockery and glassware form the kitchen units, dishwasher and/or sink;

  • cardboard boxes, wrappings etc. (i.e. from furniture or appliances);

  • excessive amounts of rubbish. Please note that we provide rubbish disposal only from the bins. We may not dispose any bags stored in the property;

  • shampoo, soap, shower gel, make up etc from the bathroom;

  • linen from the beds, so our cleaners can hoover and clean them properly;

  • construction materials;


Please make sure:

  • no one, apart of our cleaners should be in the property during the service. If by some reason you and/or anyone else have or wish to stay, please make sure you are not on our cleaners’ way, and are not making mess after them.


If unavailability to take out any items or belongings occurs, you may keep them in the property, neatly arranged in a corner. Please keep in mind that not complying with the terms and conditions listed above may invalidate your guarantee.


3. Short instructions of how to gain access to the property in case you will not be present at the start of the service. Respectively - instructions of how to lock up after completion of the service. You may also request key collection from your estate agent’s office. Please see conditions below.