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Terms and conditions of the P2P Service

1. By registering on this website, by submitting an online form on this website or by contacting a customer or a cleaning professional through the platform the user (customer or cleaner) confirms that they agree with the T&Cs for this service.

2. The user confirms that the information provided in the form is genuine and accurate to the best of their knowledge.

3. The user agrees for the information provided in the form to be shared with other users of the platform, for the purposes of the service and according to the privacy policy.

4. The user understands that with this type of service Book a Service London Ltd. and their website only serve as a mediator between the clients and the cleaning operatives. The responsibilities of Book a Service London Ltd. end there.

5. Book a Service London Ltd. can't be held responsible in any way for any future relations or disputes between the customers and the cleaners.

6. The user understands that any disputes must not be addressed to Book a Service London Ltd. These must be resolved between the customer and the cleaner directly.

7. The customer is personally responsible for collecting the necessary documentation from the cleaners (such as proof of ID, right to work in the UK, references, DBS checks etc.). Also, it is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the cleaner has valid Public Liability Insurance.

8. The customer is not obliged in any way to book a service with any of the candidates they have been contacted by. The cleaners are not obliged in any way to provide a service. The platform works based on mutual agreement and a service may be booked/provided only when both parties are absolutely satisfied with the agreed conditions and are happy to proceed.

9. Any checklist shown on our website serves as a guideline only. All cleaners are obliged to get themselves familiar to this checklist, but it's the client's responsibility to confirm what each individual they contact is happy to include in the service that they provide

10. Prices shown on our website serve as guideline only. Both parties are free to negotiate the conditions of the service in a way they like, including pay rates etc.

11. All payments and arrangements happen only between the customer and the cleaner. Book a Service London Ltd. is not responsible in any way for the collection of payment from the customer, therefore the cleaners must not address any payment requests to Book a Service London Ltd. The cleaners are personally responsible to collect the payment for the provided service directly from the customer.

We strongly recommend you to do your own checks before inviting an unknown person to your home or workplace!
Request references, proof of ID, proof of right to work in the UK (settlement status), DBS checks and a valid Public Liability Insurance from each cleaner that you hire.
The cleaners registered on this platform are not related in any way to Book a Service London Ltd. and we are not responsible for their actions.
Book a Service London Ltd. will not take part of any disputes that might arise during the booking process or before/after that.
In the light of the Covid19 pandemic we strongly recommend you to require each cleaner that you meet with to provide you with valid vaccination certificate or other relevant documentation.

Read our privacy policy


What is P2P service?

What is P2P

A peer-to-peer (P2P) service is a decentralized platform whereby two individuals interact directly with each other, without intermediation by a third party. Instead, the buyer and the seller transact directly with each other via the P2P service

How it works?

How it works

Our P2P service was desgined to contact people who need a cleaning service for their home or workplace with reliable local private cleaning professionals. Quick and hassle-free. Once you make an inquiry in our platform we will find the best matches for you and we will show you a list of cleaners that you can choose from. You will be able to find brief description for each cleaner and you can contact them individually, by sending a quick message through the platform.

Why P2P

Why P2P?

There are several advantages of using our P2P service to find a cleaner for your home or workplace:
No agency fees - Since there is no middleman involved in the process, you won't have to pay an agency fees. You only pay the hourly rate agreed between you and your cleaner - directly into their bank account;
The platform is free for everyone - There are no hidden charges whatsoever. We don't charge the cleaners and there are no deductions on their wages of any kind. The cleaner gets exactly what you pay. Higher wages mean happier cleaners, and happier cleaners mean higher quality of the provided service;
Lower costs - With our P2P service you can find a reliable cleaner at a fraction of the standard cost. This is due to two reasons - our 'no agency fee' policy and our innovative 'auction system' where the cleaners bid against each other to offer you the best price. You can read more about the auction in the next section.



How the auction works?

There are two processes that start simultaneously when you submit your inquiry to our platform. First one is the smart search, which finds cleaners in your area and provides you with the information and the tools to make the best decision and to contact your cleaner of choice directly. The second process is the so called Auction. We invite all cleaners in your area to participate in a real-time auction and to send you a personalised quote, based on your requirements and criteria. This is to ensure that you are always getting the best offers. You can receive the cleaners' offers in real-time on the platform or, if you prefer, you can get quotes directly on your email.

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