Terms and Conditions

  1. I understand that my participation in this project does not guarantee in any way that my services will be booked by the clients that I have contacted.

  2. The customer is not obliged in any way to book a service with any of the candidates they have been contacted by.

  3. I understand that with this type of service Book a Service London Ltd. and their website only serve as a mediator between the clients and the cleaning operatives. The responsibilities of Book a Service London Ltd. end there.

  4. Book a Service London Ltd. Can’t be held responsible in any way for any future relations or disputes between the customers and the cleaners.

  5. I understand that any disputes must not be addressed to Book a Service London Ltd. These must be resolved between the customer and the cleaner directly

  6. Book a Service London Ltd. will collect the required information by the cleaners that proves their right to work in the UK before their membership can be approved.

  7. This information can not be provided to the customer even upon request. This is to protect the cleaners' personal and sensitive information. The customer can request this information to be provided to them directly by the cleaner, if the cleaner agrees on this.

  8. I agree that once I receive the client's contact details I will only contact them for the purposes of the service and will respect their private time. Any phone calls made or emails sent outside of working hours (8am-5pm) may be ignored by the client.

  9. I understand the the potential clients may request me to prove my identity and right to work in the UK, by providing the relevant documentation.

Anelia Ginina