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Who we are

    Book-a-Cleaner is part of Book A Service London Ltd. registered in England and Wales under Company Number 10610570 and

VAT Registration Number: 318 6458 80

   Book-a-Cleaner started as a simple idea back in 2004, when group of friends made a decision to start working for themselves and follow their own path. With the experience gained through years of hard work for numerous well known cleaning companies they established a small one, at first only trying to keep themselves busy and with the aim to provide the best service at an affordable price. It wasn't long before the company started growing bigger and bigger, as new customers happy with the service and money saved through the various offers joined the Book-a-Cleaner's family.

  Now Book-a-Cleaner is one of the fastest expanding companies in London with new areas showing up on our map literally every day. But our aim remains the same - to provide the best service at affordable cost!

   We are proud to be part of the Book-a-Cleaner's family and we are always eager to meet and greet new members - customers and colleagues are both considered family! So why not join today? We look forward to hearing rom you!

Our requirements

   In Book-a-Cleaner we hire only professionals to do the work. All of our staff is highly qualified with at least five years of experience, making them one of the most competent in the industry. Simply said - they know the job!

   Choosing Book-a-Cleaner means that you rely on people who ARE reliable.

   We have extremely high requirements when we hire people. Every person from our staff had been fully trained by one of our Quality Supervisors just so we can be sure that  they achieve the high standards that we look for. Upon completion of the training, we put all new operatives to a test before we send them on their first job.

Our Philosophy:
Happy Staff = Better Service = Happier Customers

   At Book-a-Cleaner we believe customers and staff are equally important, so our aim is to keep everyone happy.

  Our 3-STEP is aiming at keeping our workers happy, which improves the services we provide, which respectively makes our customers happier when they choose us. That's why we try to provide the best, non-stress working environment for them and of course - we keep them on the proper wages. Most of the companies out there are taking too much from the client, but after their commission, the worker is getting less than they actually deserve. Since Book-a-Cleaner is a friendly-based company, this will never happen with us! Giving the workers the payment that they deserve is our top priority. And once the workers are satisfied with the rewarding they are getting for their efforts, the service provided to our customers improves. This is how our philosophy works.

Why Us

   Almost every day we see countless of ads and websites of people and organizations providing various services and products online. Everybody's aim is to impress the customer. But to win someone's trust is not such a simple task, is it? This is why in Book-a-Cleaner we have got a separate section, explaining why we are the right choice for you! Here is a list of the advantages that you get, when you choose us:

  •    Every member of our staff is fully trained and qualified, with at least five years of experience in the industry.

  •    Flexible working hours. There is no need to worry about the day and time. We work on weekends and bank holidays, as well. All you have to do is choose the most convenient day and time for yourself.

  • ​     We provide 48 hours guarantee for our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service, so you can be sure that you only pay for perfect result!​

  •     All of our cleaning experts are fully insured.

  •    We use only 100% environment-friendly and industry approved detergents and solutions. Absolutely safe for you and your home.

  •    We provide trully competitive rates.

  • We maintain our website constantly, so just keep an eye out for upcoming offers, which will help you save money on household.

  •     You may choose to pay after the service, and after you are completely satisfied with it.

  •     We have a friendly staff and customer service agents, always understanding your needs, and always happy to hear from you.

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