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Domestic Cleaning

Do you need a little help with the housework? Neverending vacuuming, mopping, dusting, washing, cleaning, scrubbing, laundry, ironing and so on and so on... STOP! Take that burden off your shoulders! Our Domestic Cleaning Service is the best option if you want to keep your home clean and tidy all over the year. And effortlessly. Don't let the housework consume all of the time you should be spending with your family and friends! Enjoy your free time, while we take care of that annoying part!


We provide high quality cleaning services on a daily, weekly or forthnightly basis. We only work with vetted, trained and fully insured cleaners with at least 5 years of experience in the industry. We guarantee that the provided service will be on a professional level.

What's included

Kitchen & Dining Areas

  • Wiping of kitchen counters and cupboards outside

  • Wiping outside of fridge/freezer

  • Wiping outside of oven, microwave, cooker hood, hob

  • Wiping outside of washing machine, dishwasher

  • Sinks cleaning, disinfection

  • Polishing of chrome surfaces

  • Mirrors polishing

  • Vacuuming of all accessible floors

  • Mopping of all accessible hard floors

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Disposing off rubbish from the bins

  • General dusting & tidying up


Living Rooms & Bedrooms

  • Pictures & shelves dusting

  • Beds changing and tidying up

  • Windows, window sills & window frames cleaning inside

  • Cobwebs removing

  • Ceiling fans & vents dusting

  • Chandeliers and lampshades dusting (where possible)

  • Vacuuming of all accessible floors

  • Mopping of all accessible hard floors

  • General dusting & tidying up


Bathrooms & Toilets

  • All tiled surfaces cleaning and disinfection

  • Grouts scrubbing

  • Cleaning and polishing of shower screens and doors

  • Wiping of bath tubs

  • Polishing of all chrome fixtures and mirrors

  • Toilet bowl thorough cleaning and disinfection

  • Sink basin thorough cleaning and disinfection

  • Floors cleaning and disinfection

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Doors and towel hangers cleaning

  • General dusting and tidying up



  • Ironing

  • Folding of ironed clothes

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Terms of Service:

1. Minimum service duration is 3 hours per visit.

2. All prices shown on the website do NOT include cleaning equipment! Please make sure all relevant equipment (hoover, mop etc.) will be provided. The cleaner will bring cloths and basic detergents.

3. The most convenient day of the week and time must be fixed before commencing of the regular cleaning. If you wish to change the day and/or time, please contact us 48 hours in advance.

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