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Bring back that like-a-brand-new feel and look of your carpets

Carpets Cleaning

   The steam cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning methods when it comes to carpets. It helps removing stains and it takes out the unpleasant dirt, dust and odors, bringing back the like-a-brand-new look to the carpets. The procedure involves warm water and shampoo, powerful professional machines and the so called injection-extraction method. The water and shampoo are being injected into the carpet under high pressure and extracted at the same time. Simply said, we wash the carpets.
   Please keep in mind that, due to the nature of this method, some drying out time should be expected, usually around 3-4 hours in a properly ventilated space.
   Our experts will need access to running water and electricity upon commencing of the service.

     The carpet is probably the biggest investment when you move into a new home, and you wish to make it look more cozy and personalized. Maintaining a carpet can be very tough, you know. Yes, the regularly vacuuming can solve part of the problem, but not all, as many of the dirt and dust particles, which attach themselves to the fabric cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner. You should think of your carpets as the lungs of your home!

   The experts advise that the carpet (especially in the most commonly used areas, as the living room) should be steam-cleaned at least once a year to extend its life and prevent any related respiratory problems. Meaning that keeping your carpet clean is to keep your family and yourself healthy! 

   This is why in Book-a-Cleaner we proceed with extreme caution and care when it comes to carpet cleaning. All solutions and detergents we use are 100% environment-friendly and safe to you, your carpet, and your pet! All of our carpet cleaners are professionally trained to carry out the correct procedures, according to the condition and type of carpet.  And just to give you some peace of mind, they are all fully insured.

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Terms of Booking:

1. Please note that parking slot must be provided for the carpet/upholstery cleaner upon arrival! If unavailability to provide one occurs, please let us know as soon as possible. We can arrange the parking space and cover any related expenses and this will be added to the total price of your booking at the end of the cleaning.

2. Please note that, in some rare occasions, an additional charge in amount of £5 per floor can be applied, in the absence of elevator in the building and if your property is situated above ground floor.

3. Please keep in mind, that photos might be requested.

4. Our Carpet Cleaning Service comes with minimum callout charge of £50 for all bookings.

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