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Jet Washing / Pressure Cleaning

Do you need your patio, decking or pavement to be professionally cleaned? Search no more!

The Jet Washing or High Pressure Washing cleaning method is a great way to get rid of the unpleasant moss, weeds and mud from your favorite outdoor areas.

Wooden Decking


Stone & Concrete

Pressure Washer on Stairs_edited.jpg

Outdoor Tiles & Pavement

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressur

   If you want to book our jet washing services we will first need to know the type of surface that needs to be cleaned. Whether it is a tiled surface, concrete, pavement or a wooden decking, we can help you get rid of slippery outdoor floors and unpleasant look of your favorite relaxing place at home!
   We will then ask you for the exact area measurements. For most types of high pressure cleanings we charge £0.3 per square foot, but please do check our price list to avoid confusion. Based on the size of the area that needs cleaning, we will then be able to provide you with a quote. The minimum charge for this service is £60.

   Please keep in mind that the cleaners will need access to running water and electricity for this type of service.

    Balconies can only be jet washed if there is the appropriate drainage installed.

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