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End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

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What's End of Tenancy Cleaning

   Now, let's talk about moving out... Yes, we know no one likes it! With all the luggage to take care of and not mention that you are probably leaving some friends behind... In Book-a-Cleaner we know how exhausting and tough this process might be.

   Or maybe this is not your case. Maybe you are just looking for a better place for you and your beloved ones to settle in. No matter if you are a tenant looking for your new home, or an owner expecting new inhabitants in your property, why should you burden yourself with cleaning on top of everything else? Leave it to the professionals! AND SAVE SOME MONEY!

   We guarantee that our professional services will get you your deposit back if you are a tenant, or impress your potential dwellers if you are a landlord!


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The benefits of using our services:

Free Oven Cleaning - End of Tenacy Cleaning - Book a Cleaner London
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Oven Cleaning alone usually costs around £60 and even more! We will do this for free.

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You don't have to worry about the cleaning products and equipment. 

48 Hours Guarantee - End of Tenancy Cleaning Service - Book a Cleaner London
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Sit back and relax - our service is guaranteed!

You will get 48 hours guarantee with this service, so if you were not happy we will re-clean the property for free!

Fully Insured Service - End of Tenancy Cleaning Service - Book a Cleaner London
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All of our cleaners are fully insured.

Just so you can have some peace of mind!


Is Oven Cleaning Included?

Yes, Oven Cleaning is included in the basic price of this service, so you don't have to pay extra!

How long would it take?

The duration of the service depends on the overall condition of the property and size of the rooms. You can see estimates below: 1. One Bedroom Property: 4hours 2. Two Bedroom Property: 5 hours 3. Three Bedroom Property: 6 hours 4. Four Bedroom Property: 7 hours

How can I pay for the service?

We accept bank transfer payments. You will receive our bank account details in your confirmation e-mail, so you can easily make a transfer through your online banking. All bank payments must be confirmed before our cleaners can leave the property. We also accept cash payments directly to the cleaners.

Can you arrange key collection?

Yes, a key collection can be arranged if you will be unable to grant access to the property for our cleaners! We can pick up the keys from your estate agent's office and then bring them back after completion. Please note that this service is free of charge if the distance between the property and key collection point is less than 1 mile.

Is the service guaranteed?

Yes, we provide 48 hours guarantee for our End of Tenancy Cleaning. If you were not happy with the provided service you should contact us by e-mail within two days after completion of the cleaning and we will come back and re-clean the property, free of charge.

Will I get a receipt for the service?

Yes, detailed invoice will be provided by e-mail after completion of the service and confirmation of your payment.